10 EXO B-side Tracks That You Should Listen

Hey guys! Today is an EXO-related post. I do these posts only when there is a member’s birthday (a small corner for my fangirl stuff). Today is Xiumin’s (Kim Minseok) birthday. Happy birthday Xiumin-ah!🎂❄️
He is the eldest member of EXO, whose superpower is frost. I wanted to write each month an EXO post, but I don’t find time for it, along with all the other things going on in my life, so I’m unable to do it at the moment. I had so many plans for this month, but most of it went down the drain. Once I find my balance, I’ll start writing Kdrama and other posts I had in mind.

Coming back to EXO, there’s been a lot of activities from the members this month. There’s been good news as well as sad ones too. Chanyeol’s movie “The Box” was released this Wednesday. I can’t wait to watch this movie and listen to the OST. The OSt is still not available on Spotify, but I already love “Break your box” and want to listen to other covers he has sung in the movie. To be honest, I’m afraid to watch EXO members’ movies because they mostly end up dead in the end or have a really tragic ending. Though this movie seems like an emotional movie, it also has a good vibe to it, so I’m really looking forward to watching this movie.

Baekhyun is also releasing his 3rd Mini Album next week, which I’m dying to listen to. This album sounds a bit different than his previous ones. Nevertheless, I’m up for more new EXO songs, solo or group.

Now coming to the sad part, Chanyeol is enlisting on the 31st of March. I thought I’d be used to them enlisting, but it still doesn’t get any easier to see them enlist.

There aren’t many Xiumin solo songs, so I decided to recommend to you all 10 B-side tracks from EXO albums that you should be listening to right now. I’d actually recommend their every album and song, but that’d be my inner fangirl speaking.

These are just few songs of a whole list that I’m listing here. You can go go check out their albums if you’re more interested in listening to their songs.

Xiumin Quotes

“The best thing in life is being able to do what people say you’re not able to do.”

(cr: goodreads)

“You can’t be happy every day, but there are things to be happy about every day.”

(cr: here)

“Being pretty is different than being loved”

(cr: here)

1. What U Do

2. Jekyll

3. Sign

4. What if..

5. Sweet Lies

6. El Dorado

7. Lightsaber

8. Moonlight

There are three versions of this song, and I love each one of them. My most favorite one is the acoustic version from EXOplanet 3. I also recommend watching their Mnet performance video for this song.

9. Peter Pan

I love watching the concert performances of this song which has a cute choreo. Peter pan means a lot to EXOLs, along with a bunch of other songs. There’s just something about this song that makes it fun to listen to yet sad at the same time.

10. Trauma

Try listening to this song with your headphones on.

Don’t Go (Special ed.)

This special edition of the song is just magical. I love the group version too, but Xiumin’s solo cover of this song hits me differently.

Hope enjoyed reading this post and have an amazing weekend!

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