10 Motivational Korean Drama OST

Korean Dramas are not famous for their story, cast, fashion, and culture but also have the best soundtracks that one could have ever asked for. When I think of My Love from the Star, my mind immediately starts singing My Destiny, as though Lyn was inside my head singing the song. But I’m sure it’s all in my head, and I can’t sing out loud because my singing is terrible, but you get my point. 

I started watching Korean dramas in 2014. My first-ever Korean drama was Boys over Flowers, which I had binged on YouTube with 144p. I learned the importance of English subtitles and then never to take subtitles for granted. Watching Korean dramas became part of my daily routine, and I’d go to Google and then search for my next series.

There were days when I couldn’t watch an episode because of network issues, or the subtitles wouldn’t have been uploaded. That’s how I found Dramabeans. This is a website where K-drama fans would recap each episode of any series that they watch. I’ve come across various websites like this, but Dramabeans has stayed the best so far. Their recaps are so closer to the actual drama it’s almost like watching it. 

There are also fans interacting with each other. I once remember reading about how someone spoke about porridge. If you have watched Boys Over Flowers, you’d recognize the connection to porridge. So there are many conversations and threads to follow, so please do check out if you’re interested.

I can’t call myself a hardcore K-drama fan because I only watch most melodramas, YA, and rom-coms. I tried watching other genres, but I couldn’t sit through those series.

This is a list of songs for K-dramas that I found motivating and healing to the soul. I have many songs on my playlist that are mostly sad and soothing, which I’ll be using for another day.
I haven’t watched many new shows, and that’s why I’ve used songs from what I’ve watched so far.

I wanted to start a page last month to speak about the series, movies, shows I watched, but I didn’t get the time to do it. Today I sat down and made up my mind to write about it because if I kept postponing it for another day, then it will never arrive, so this a start.

10. Dream by Kim Min Jae and Younha (Hit the Top)

9. Cheer Up by Choi Sangyeop (Welcome to Waikiki)

8. Star by Loco and U Sung Eun (Memories of Alhambra)

7. Stand Up by J-min (To the Beautiful You)

6. Your Days by Joy (The Liar and His Lover)

5. What I want by NiiHWA (Mad Dog)

4. My Day by Taemin (Navillera)

3. Brave Enough by Lee Hi (Record of Youth)

2. Don’t Worry by Lee Juck (Reply 1988)

1. Start Over by Gaho (Itaewon Class)

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