It’s A Wrap For May

Hey guys,

I’m not including my June TBR in this post. It’s not because of me not following it but because I won’t be able to read much this month. Today started well, but in the noon I broke my phone and that’s left me in a bad mood. I all the excitement to even read for this month. I hate it when I begin a month on a negative note, but this was my mistake. Since both my PC and phone are down, I’ll limit myself to reading to 7 books this month and take some rest. I don’t know why this keeps happening , but I hate it when anything disrupt my plans.

May was by far a good month compared to the others. I relaxed a bit and also enjoyed reading most of the titles I chose and made sure to stay stress-free.

It was hard to type on my phone but got used to it. Somedays, I had sore wrists and couldn’t hold my phone, but I wanted to review ignoring everything because I wanted to review books immediately after reading them. I make notes, but then miss out what I’d wanted to speak if I postpone it, so I was dead set on reviewing most of the books I read in May. I reviewed 9/15 books in May, which is my best so far.

I also completed my 2021 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I actually wanted to take it slow this year but couldn’t. Anyway, I’m happy that I dont want to rush myself to make up for it in the year end.

I also finished my goals for May. I finished two series instead of one, was consistent on Booksta, and read 4 ARCs too.

I read 5/6 books on my May TBR. If I hadn’t spent my weekend watching Vincenzo, I’d have finished the last book by now, but alas!

Books Read in May

➼ Kindred ★★★.5 ❘ This book was brutal. It was too painful to take in some of the things in this novel. I also had some questions regarding the plot but I guess I should read the novel to find out.

➼ A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow ★★★★ ❘ Sometimes you meet the right people at the right time. This book was soothing to my soul and you can read my review here.

➼ The Poet X ★★★★ ❘ Read my review here. Another Acevedo book that made me fall in love with her writing all over again.

➼ The Gilded Ones ★★★.5 ❘ Read my review here. With an epic premise and magic steeped with folklore and feminism, this book was amazing.

➼ Queen of Air and Darkness ★★★ ❘ After reading 900 pages of this book, I felt underwhelmed with how it ended. I was expecting so much from Annabelle but she was just a prop in this series. Some part of this book felt very repetitive and I didn’t enjoy it like the others.

➼ Other Words for Home ★★★★.5 ❘ Middle Grade is my new favorite genre to read. There’s so much I learned from the MC in the book. You can read my review here.

➼ A Gathering of Shadows ★★★.5 ❘ I have been gushing about how much I loved reading this book ever since I finished it. ICYMI , I’m leveing the review here.

➼ A Conjuring of Light ★★★★.5 ❘ With the ultimate face-off between the old god and Antari, to save from destruction and greed, this book was phenomenal. Definitely gonna reread it. You can read my review here.

➼ Chain of Gold ★★★★★ ❘ My new favorite from The Shadowhunter Chronicles. From friendships to family, demons and grudges, this book was everything that I wanted in a book. I’m planning to read Chain of Iron this month, and can’t wait to know more about the Blackthorns, Herondales, Fairchilds, and Lightwoods.

➼ Instructions for Dancing ★★★★ ❘ I’m reviewing this next week, so stay tuned to know more.

➼ Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating ★★★.5 |In this coming-of-age story, two bengalis explore love, gender and friendship. There’s more to this story than fake dating and know more in my review here.

➼ The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco ★★★.5 | I seem to stay way from slow paced book, but I wanted to read it because of synopsis and it was worth the delay. Leaving my review here.

➼ The Wicked Deep ★★★ ❘ I was disappointed with the plot but still loved the writing in this book. Read my review here.

➼ The Steel Prince ★★★ ❘ I have to yet review this book. It was okay but not what I was looking for in King Maresh’s story.

➼ Spin the Dawn ★★★★ ❘ I’ll be reviewing this book soon. It was super fast and an interesting read. I wanted to review it today, but since this post was due today, I thought of posting it later this week.

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Book(s) of the Month


▪︎ Book Review of The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He

▪︎ Book Review of Just Pretend by Tori Sharp

A Few Posts from Bloggers in May

Ellyn recommends 22 THINGS SHE LOVES IN BOOKS & 55+ BOOK RECS ft. Weird books, bodyguard romances & soft magic 

Here’s a lovely review of one of my anticipated reads, Among the Beasts and Briars, by And On She Reads

Word Wonders shares with us a bookish playlist by Joan He, author of The Ones We’re Meant to Find.

Sarah from Sarah’s Book Life lists 6 Fantastic Fantasy Royals in this post. Don’t Miss it out.

I haven’t watched Shadow and Bone series yet, but I liked reading the TV Adaptation Review by Stephen from Stephen Writes

Another book that’s going around in bookstgram that I want to read by this year. Here’s the book review of House of Hollow from The Perks of Being Noura

I enjoyed these two discussions which speaks about spoilers and stuff. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

In this interview, Mariko Turk, author of The Other Side of Perfect, speaks about racism, diversity, racial stereotypes and her inspiration to write this book. Read the post from sunnysidereviews here.

Check out tis book rec post by Sofii on Books with Weird & Unusual Plots 

Jayathi from It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile speaks here about 4 Things That Changed Because of Being A Book Blogger.

Check out this list by Fanna on 15 Best New Books Releasing This Week.

Favorite 🎵 of the Month

How was May for you guys? What are the books you’re looking forward to reading this month? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. oh no i’m sorry june started on a bit of a sour note. hopefully it takes a turn for the better for you! it looks like you read so many great reads this month i’m really looking forward to reading the gilded ones and hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating so it’s encouraging to see positive ratings!! also thank you so much for sharing my post!! great wrap up and hope you have a fab june!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you had such a good reading month! I love Elizabeth Acevedo’s books so great to hear you liked The Poet X. Congratulations on finishing your Goodreads challenge, and also thank you for mentioning my post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry you started the month in a somewhat negative way, but I know everything will get better and better! ❤️Thank you very much for mentioning my posts, that means a lot and I’m glad you liked it, I’m also glad that you enjoyed The Poet X! I adore the author’s writing but I still have that book to read 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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