15 Covers By EXO You Shouldn’t Miss

Hey Guys!

It’s been almost two months since I wrote about EXO here. I’d have posted something on 7th, celebrating their new special album, but I had to post a blog tour review then, that’s why I’m posting it today.

Before I start with this post, I’m leaving a few platforms where you can listen to their album or watch the MV.

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While I was brainstorming what to post for my next EXO content, I remembered listening to a number of covers by EXO that I love and got the idea of sharing it with y’all.

Some songs here carry memories for me. I’ve listened to these songs when I was down or high. EXO’s covers have a different effect on people than their own songs.

I’m going to be using YouTube videos for this list, that have a better quality of the covers, because it’ll be easy to access and there’s not much posted by the members as such. Most of these videos are from fan accounts but with good quality. I wish EXO posted these covers on their YouTube channel like Chen, but no luck there.

Today’s post is a list of 15 covers by EXO, which entails group, individual, or duet songs, that I enjoy listening on repeat. There are songs covered by former members as well, so bear with me on this because I’ll always have 9 in my eyes and 12 in my heart.

I’ve arranged it according to the number of times I’ve listened to each one. You can arrange it as you like. This is just a list, so don’t worry about the rank, they’re my preferences, you can change it or add more songs if you like. Ultimately what matters is to sit back and enjoy them.

I really like the Korean covers a lot. That’s why they’re most likely to appear in the top 5. They feel so good when I listen to them on a rainy day or when I want something lulling.

I’m sure I’ve missed mentioning a few, you can let me know if there are some that you like and that’s not on this list. I can use them for other posts in the future or to add them to my playlist.

So, here we go—

15. Love Poem (IU) by Suho

Love Poem is one of my favorite songs in Kpop till date. Its lyrics always gets me and I couldn’t miss adding this cover on this list.

14. Sunday Morning (Maroon 5) by Chen, D.O ft. Ryeowook

There are two versions of Sunday Morning by EXO. The other one was by Chen in JYP Party People featuring EXO. It’s a short cover, which is available on YouTube and you can watch it there.

13. All of Me (John Legend) by Chanyeol

Chanyeol has covered many songs when he goes live on Instagram and some are on his soundcloud account. You can hear to this song on his soundcloud too.

12. Nothin’ On You (B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars) by D.O ft. Chanyeol

This is one of my favorite duo and I’ll never get tired of listening to D.O singing.

11. Love Yourself (Justin Bieber) by D.O and Chanyeol

Is it wrong to say that I like this cover more than the original? I’ve listened to this cover more than I can count.

10. All My Loving (Beatles) by Lay, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol

One of the best covers by EXO out there. This was 7 years ago, but it still sounds like fresh and it’ll always be a legendary performance.

09. It’s Still a Dark Night (Jeon Yeong Rok) by EXO

This version is different a bit from the original. I’m glad EXO covered this song because it’s a masterpiece.

08. Open Arms (Journey) by D.O, Chen, Baekhyun and Luhan

A heart touching song that never fails to make me feel warm everytime I listen to it.

07. Thorn (Buzz) by Chen, Baekhyun ft. Kyung Hoon

I wish there was longer version of this song. This was sung during one of the Knowing Bros episodes and it deserves more love.

06. All of My Life (Park Won) by Chen

I’d recommend y’all to listen to the original of this song. I love both the songs and it has a strong Kdrama feel to it. I started listening to Park Won after this song and he is a talented singer, do check out his songs.

Drunken Truth (Kim Dong Ryul) by Chen

There are so many songs Chen has covered, on TV shows and on his YouTube channel. My personal favorite is Breath by Park Hyo Shin and Through the Night by IU. But this took the top spot, so I’m leaving it here.

05. Don’t Worry, My Dear (Lee Juck) by D.O and Jo Jung Suk

I found this one late. I watched Reply 1988 only last year and that’s where I heard this song for the first time. I watched My Annoying Brother before this drama but the song was lost on me because I never heard it as many times as in the drama. After listening to it everytime in the drama, I was hooked to the song and it has a very soothing effect on me. So when I found D.O’s cover, I knew it was going to be my new favorite.

04. Like Rain, Like Music (Kim Hyun Sik) by Baekhyun

If you have watched EXO Showtime, you know why this song is here.

03. If We Love Again (Do Won Kyung) by Chen and Chanyeol

Chanyeol makes a great partner, in challenges and singing. Another duo that have sung too many good covers that brighten up my day.

02. Really I Didn’t Know (Jo Kwan Woo) by Chen and Baekhyun

The amount of times I’ve listened/watched to this song is insane. It’s a melancholic song, that invokes all kinds of emotions in me. My mind keeps humming to this song, when it’s tired or there’s too much noise around me. It’s like my brain is wired to automatically think of this song, anytime.

Just Once (James Ingram) by Chen and Baekhyun

I don’t even have to say anything about Chen and Baekhyun. Their vocals combined together is a blessing to this world.

01. I Like You (Weather Cast) by EXO

I first heard this song when I first watched EXO Showtime. It was sung by all the 12 members and it still has remained a special song to me. This song gets sung often in weddings by EXO. I miss hearing it these days because they don’t sing this song any more, but it’ll always be a special song to me.

Special Mention

Savor a Mi (Luis Miguel) by D.O, Baekhyun, Suho, Chanyeol

I didn’t want y’all to miss this amazing cover and hence it deserves a special spotlight.

That’s all for today. Hope you had something new or found your favourite songs here on this list. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll meet y’all with yet another book to rave about on Monday.

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