Save One, Drop One // Book Edition

Hey Guys!

Did I tell y’all my PC’s back? Yesss! It’s finally working and it feels so good to stare at a larger screen than my phone. I couldn’t write tags or any kind of lists because of my gadget crisis and now I can freely write them without worrying about my wrists or eyes.

For today, I wanted to try something new. I’ve been waiting to write this post since last year. I found this post initially on Sofii @A Book. A Thought. blog. when I read this post last year, I knew I had to try this one on my blog. I couldn’t go ahead with it because I hadn’t read much books, so I waited to read a few books. It’s high time that I take a break from reviewing on Friday’s and see if I can post something exciting like this on weekends.

So the basic idea here is that I’ll be listing two books that I’ve read and I have to pick one to save it and another is, by default, dropped out. You can do this randomly, theme-wise, or trope-wise. But this one is going to be books by the same author. I’ll be picking 2 books from 7 authors and choose between their works. I might try the other types in the future; but for today, this is the menu. It’s a very fun tag, you can try it too. So, let the battle begin!

➼ I can trust Brigid Kemmerer to steal my heart with her heartwarming tales and characters. Call it What you Want was a story about a boy and girl who were branded with names and have to find a way to live beyond that. This book was too intense than I thought and it made me love the found-family in the book.

After reading Letters to the Lost, I started writing letters to my friends. Let me just say it was phase and that’s how much this book left an impression on me. I loved how the MCs in the book came around in the story. If not for the letters and the photography part, this book would’ve been a miss for me. But the grief and the emotions that was so strongly expressed in this definitely left me in tears and made me skip a beat.

☆ I Choose to Save: Letters to the Lost

➼ Reading an Acevedo book is a journey in iteself. So far I’ve read only two, but I love the author for her writing and the voices she gave to her characters. I read and listened to The Poet X. It was a verse that was amazing to listen and read. I had to underline each and every line in the book, so I gave up annotating it in the end.

I have a soft spot for coming-of-age stories that explore about one’s dreams and passions. With Fire on High was a perfect blend between many things I like to read in a YA book.

☆ I Choose to Save: With the Fire on High

➼ This is getting tough to pick. I honestly can’t choose one here. I’ve read about people selling their souls to the devil and deal with the consequences. So in a way, TILOALR was very faustian in nature and common. What made me love the book was how Addie dealt with her cards. I admired her persistence and her desperation was so painful to read about. I could feel her tears in the dark, pouring out of the pages, and didn’t realize that I was holding my breathe until she met Henry. There’s so many things that got to me in this book and that’s why it deserves all the stars in the universe.

I enjoyed ADSOM. There’s no doubt that this is my favorite Dark Fantasy of all time. But I can’t see this book separately because when I think about this world, I immediately go back to AGOS and ACOL. It’s inevitable.

☆ I Choose to Save: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

➼ Elizabeth Lim became my new favorite author after Spin the Dawn. I just admire the pace of this book and the story was quite exciting and magical. But when I read Six Crimson Cranes, it instantly stole the spotlight from Spin the Dawn. I just hope that there is no unnecessary drama (*cough* a love triangle *cough*) in the next book.

☆ I Choose to Save: Six Crimson Cranes

➼ Shea Ernshaw can write novels that can make me shiver even in broad daylight. Both these novels had the cold, eeire vibe in them. If you remember my reviews, I told how much I loved Winterwood more than The Wicked Deep. So this one is an easy choice to make.

☆ I Choose to Save: Winterwood

➼ This must be the toughest one so far. I love anything CC writes and I was debating whether to pick between CoG/Lady Midnight/Clockwork Angel. But it was pretty easy to choose CoG among them. But between CoG and CoB, I can’t make up my mind. I might have some plot issues with CoB but, that book is everything to me. I still miss the gang and I’ll never be able to move on from this series.

I also love The Merry Theives. I might have tough time figuring out the family tree, but I still love them. Cordelia is such a sweet character. She is brave, funny, and a hopeless romantic. She has the crown for the best character so far in the this series. It was also amazing to see Tessa, Will, Cecily, Jem, Gabriel and the Blackthorns. Can you see how excited I get when I start speaking about Chain of Gold, I can go on speaking about this book forever.

☆ I Choose to Save: Chain of Gold ( a tough choice, tbh)

➼ This is easy. The easiest choice probably. I don’t even have to break my head to think which one I have to drop. It’s so obvious, but let me go around in circles anyway. I read Shadow of Bone twice. I liked it the first time, but it wasn’t that good the second time. I still like reading about Ravka and the magic system here, but that’s where my admiration for this seires ends.

Now coming to Six of Crows, I can still feel the adrenaline rush thinking about the escape scene. I was on edge the whole time and the crew made this book more likable and adventurous. So there you have it, now you know what I’ll be saving.

☆ I Choose to Save: Six of Crows

So, this was fun. I’m so sorry for posting a bit late for the past two weeks. I like to be punctual and it killed me to post even 30 or 10 minutes late. I’m trying to get back to engaging and reading more books this month and I hope that I keep up my word this time.

I’ve spoken enough for today, so let me know which books you’ll be saving and dropping in this list. You can also suggest me series and books to read, so that I can add more here in the future. With that, Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Isha, honey! I LOVE that you decided to do the post! ❤️ It’s so much fun, plus I love that I’ve read almost all the books you mention here and in some cases I couldn’t choose 😅, for example with Winterwood & The Wicked Deep it would be impossible, I love those books too much 😭. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRuee is EVERYTHING!!!! 😍 & OMG, I need to read Six Crimson Cranes, it looks so beautiful and sounds amazing, I already enjoyed Spin The Down so I’m very curious to read that one soon.
    Amazing post ✨✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I know how difficult it is to choose between my favorite books so I can see why it’s difficult to choose between The Wicked Deep and Winterwood. Spin the Dawn was as good as you said it’d be and I loved that book and that’s why I joined the blog tour of Six Crimson Cranes and that was different than Spin the Dawn but way better. I think you might like it more. Always happy to have you here and thanks Sofii.❤

      Liked by 1 person

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