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Today is my stop for The Raven Heir Blog Tour. Thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours for letting me join this tour. I read this book last month and finished it in one sitting. It’s a fast-paced, short Middle-Grade Fantasy. I’ve tried to keep this review spoiler-free as much as possible. 

So, let’s see what The Raven Heir has in store for us. 

About the Book

Title: The Raven Heir • By: Stephanie Burgis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books • To Be Released On: 14 Sep 2021 

Pace: Fast • Pages: 272 • Age: 8 and above

Series: The Raven Crown #1 • Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy • Rating: 4.5/5 ★

Song: Wind by Akeboshi

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A set of magical triplets, two warring dynasties, and a broken crown waiting for its rightful owner…

Deep within an enchanted forest lies a castle where a set of triplets and their sorceress mother have lived for years — safe from the decades-long war for the Raven Throne that rages in the kingdom beyond. Cordelia, one of the triplets, has the power to become any animal with just a thought, and she yearns to discover more about the world outside her castle.

But one day, the world comes to her, when the eldest of the triplets becomes the newest heir to the throne. Knowing that being named heir means certain death, Cordelia’s mother hid the truth about which child is the eldest when she hid them in the forest. When her family is captured, it’s up to Cordelia to use her powers to keep her siblings hidden and discover the truth about the Raven Heir — before it’s too late.

A thrilling new fantasy full of magic, adventure, and the power of family.


I received an eARC of this book from Bloomsbury Children’s Books courtesy of TBR and Beyond Tours and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and ideas expressed here are my own.

If you want to read more about The Raven Heir you can check out what others are saying about it in the Tour Schedule.

Pawns in the Game

Three 12-year-olds, shut out from the world from their birth to prevent them from falling into the hands of six great houses who care only about the wealth and power of the throne, are running for their lives leaving their mother and home behind. One of them is the heir to the Raven Crown, but they are all prey to these power-hungry nobles. Stripped from their mother’s protection, they run into the forest to seek refuge. But the Duke’s people make things more difficult for them, so they’ll have to find a way to outrun them and find their way back to their mother.

Heart. Spirit. Fierce Protection

This book is narrated from Cordelia’s POV. She is the troublemaker and can see through things that her triplets, Giles and Rosalind, fail to see. They were all so different in person and their powers. Cordelia could shapeshift into any insect or animal she liked. Rosalind’s physical energy could move objects and uproot them even. Giles was the bard. He would come up with ballads for random stuff at the oddest places. When he sang, he had a hypnotic effect on people and would keep them transfixed to him. Together they all were a compelling team.

Giles and Rosalind weren’t used to working with their powers before until they were running for their lives.
Only Cordelia trained with her mom, unlike Giles and Rosalind, who weren’t bent on learning more about their powers. Cordelia was the most curious person of the three and never kept still when told to stay put. She hated being indoors and was itching to explore the forest to see what was beyond the castle she grew up in, which was the root cause for some of the problems they had to face. She wasn’t solely responsible for the duke’s men to chase them because they were behind them before they came into this world.

Connall was their elder brother. He was a sweet, overprotective brother looking out for his siblings. He could shift shadows and hold the enemy by blocking their way. It was intriguing to see him use his powers in the book, even if it was brief.

Having a witch mom was not a lot of fun for the kids. They were constantly watched and were not allowed to move farther from their gardens. Kathryn had every reason to worry about her kids and to keep their safety as a priority. Their family dynamics were adorable, considering how they communicated through their minds to scold or blame someone or when they had any threat nearby.
The family was the thread that tied all these characters together. It wasn’t about blood but a connection that made them love each other. It was a trope I liked reading the book.

The Raven Crown

There was a riddle concerning the Raven Crown in the book. I love it when books have this element tied up to the plot because they add more thrill to the story and make me want to see how they solve it. The Raven Crown was a cursed object lost and buried in a mountain. The solution to fix the curse wasn’t a straight one(obviously). But it was cursed because of greedy hearts. The kingdom wasn’t broken before. People became more greedy as they coveted the throne; they forgot their duty to their people, leaving them in shambles, which was the root cause of the curse.
The triplets understood how badly the wars inflicted the people than the grown-ups did.

The fact that this book didn’t make the plot solely about the curse made me like it more. The curse was an underlying plotline that was gradually made the focus to help the triplets. Their trek to find the crown was full of sibling fights and Giles singing in the background.


 Only kids would be excited about a siege to their castle because they never had visitors before and were bored. Reading about the triplets was amusing. It was fascinating to see how these kids brought a kingdom to their (metaphorical) knees. I liked the tiny details added to Cordelia’s shape-shifting nature and the triplets banter. The family dynamics and magic made this book an enjoyable read for me. The ending was perfect, so I can’t wrap my mind around what the next book is going to be on. This is why you shouldn’t be missing The Raven Heir- it’s an unputdownable MG Fantasy with characters that melt your heart with their love and loyalty to their family.

Every spell can be broken if you find the right key.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
TW// Blood, Death, Kids as Captives
About the Author

Stephanie Burgis grew up in East Lansing, Michigan, but now lives in Wales with her husband and two sons, surrounded by mountains, castles and coffee shops. She writes fun MG fantasy adventures and has published six so far, most recently the Dragon with a Chocolate Heart trilogy. She also writes wildly romantic adult historical fantasies, most recently the Harwood Spellbook series. She has had over forty short stories for adults and teens published in various magazines and anthologies.

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Have you read this book or is it on your TBR? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats


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