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From today, I’ll be posting interviews for my Book Bloggers Nook project. It’s almost a month since I announced it, and I feel so happy to finally begin it with Riddhi’s interview. So, let’s get this post started.


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Meet the Book Blogger

We have Riddhi from Whispering Stories joining us today. She has been blogging for the past one and a half years, about books, movies, songs and comes up with new bookish content each month. She’s from India and is a huge fan of Why Don’t We (ICYDK). She loves to read, write, bake, paint mini canvases, and watch movies. YA Contemporary Romance is her go-to genre. Besides that, she reads mystery, thrillers, a bit of fantasy too. She has penned an ongoing YA Contemporary Romance on Wattpad titled, The Musical Love Story and also writes poetry on her other blog and Insta account. She keeps her readers involved with her blog through her posts, so please don’t forget to check her blog.

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Blogging for the past one and a half years must have been an incredible journey. Can you share with us what you’ve learned so far personally and from the blogging community as well?

Oh, yes it’s definitely been a very incredible journey, and I can hardly believe that it’s been so long! I mean, one and a half years ago, when I started blogging, I never imagined I’d still be doing it, but now I cannot imagine my life without it!
Well, the best thing this community has given me- not to sound super cheesy- is love. I mean, every time I post something, the comments always make my day! And the worst thing is, all these years as a reader, and I never knew this amazing community existed!
I also have to say that the book blogging community has definitely helped me mature as a reader. My collection of books was rather monotonous, but the book blogging community is slowly helping me to spice it up!

I: That’s wonderfully put. This community is welcoming and has taught me to grow better as a reader and person too.

➼ What would be your ideal or a perfect read?

I am not quite sure myself! I think the characters should be funny and relatable- they should have imperfections and flaws just like any other human being. The plot should be pretty unique, and the book should relay a message in a way that’s not quite obvious, but the reader still gets it. It should also have some X-factor that makes it stand out.

I: I get it. Most of the time, we don’t even know what kind of a story we’re looking for but expect the book to be unique yet enjoyable.

➼ Since you mentioned that you love reading YA Contemporary Romance, what do you like the most about them?

Uh, I don’t really know, you know? Like, there’s just something about the good ones which makes my heart swell up with delight and makes me feel all warm.

I: That sounds sweet and reminds me of books to read during fall.

➼ What kind of reps do you search in books?

To be honest, I don’t really mind reading about any rep in books, but lately I have been getting attracted to books with Indian reps and sapphic novels!

I: That’s amazing. I’ve read only a few books with these reps, but they are much-needed voices in the book community.

➼ As an Indian, which book(s) do you think has an authentic Indian rep? Do you have any problems with them? What are they, and why?

The one book with an Indian rep that I can think of off the top of my head is The Marriage Code. I actually really enjoyed it, and it did have a very authentic Indian rep. I honestly haven’t read that many books by foreign authors with Indian reps (or maybe I just can’t remember them), so I can’t think of a problem. One thing that I would want to see in Indian rep books is the author’s take on Indian festivals. There are just so many festivals- Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Uttarayan etc., and I don’t think I have ever seen them mentioned.

I: I started The Marriage Code after you mentioned it. It’s too early to comment on the rep, but I’m so excited to read the book because it is set in my city, Bangalore. I also want to see people celebrating holi and diwali in books too.

➼ I read your post on the 5 struggles of being an Indian Reader. It was so relatable and bugs me out that we have very limited options available. Can you address a few that you haven’t mentioned in the post, and what other options would you like to have as a reader?

To be honest, I think I covered most points in that post. I mean, those are definitely the main issues, especially the book options being limited, and the ones available being too expensive. 
I also feel like romance novels are snubbed a lot in India. Like, that’s a problem everywhere, but a bigger one in India.
I also feel like schools in India don’t encourage reading as much as they should.

I: Completely agree with your last point. Very few schools encourage kids to read novels or have any facilities to access them. Makes me feel sad, tbh.

Can you describe to me your reading process? (Ex: do you play any songs while reading/ like to read at a certain place, etc.)

Well, for the first thing, I am a mood reader. Monthly/weekly TBRs aren’t my thing. I used to read over 10 books a month, but because of an increased workload, that number has sadly come down to four.
I usually read at night and yes, I love listening to music while reading! I don’t really have a favourite position or place for reading, but I enjoy reading out in nature.

I: That’s amazing. Quite happy to know another night owl and someone who loves reading out in nature.

I’ve never met anyone who paints mini canvases. It sounds very cool. Do you have any inspirations for your paintings or artists you follow?

Oh, that’s just a side hobby of mine- I am not that good at it, nor am I regular, although I do enjoy doing it. I actually follow an artist on Youtube- Charvi Ashtekar- I love her tutorials, and she is an excellent painter as well!

I: Yes, at the end of the day, enjoying painting is what matters the most. 

➼ You’ve also mentioned that you bake. What do you usually bake?

I usually bake cakes, but I have also tried cookies a couple of times. I also bake very delicious whole wheat bread (at least me and my family seem to think so, hah). I haven’t baked in a while, although I did try making waffles the other day.

I: That’s great!! It sounds yummy.

What sort of movies and songs would you like to review more in the future?

Well, for one thing, I would like to do more reviews for both of them! I have to say I have done very little movie and song reviews, and at the moment, my primary focus is increasing that number. I don’t really have a particular category which I want to review more.

I: Good to know that you’re not sticking to a category. I’m definitely gonna look out for those posts. 

What are some of the posts that you want others to find on your blog?

I want the visitors to my site to find posts that are unconventional- For example, I have done a bunch of reacting to posts, I have reacted to unpopular bookish opinions of my readers, their weird reading habits, their pet peeves, etc. I feel like there aren’t many people on the blogosphere who have done that, and those posts make my blog stand out a little. 

I: You’re right. There are very few book bloggers who write posts that aren’t reviews or rec lists. Honestly, you’re doing an amazing job with that, so keep them coming.

Check out these Posts by Riddhi

This was fun. Thank you for chatting with me, Riddhi. It was wonderful to (virtually) speak to you. Thanks for joining me here.

If you want to be part of this project, you can sign up here.

(P.S. This was my first interview, so I was really nervous and excited, and it all went smoothly. Thank you for reading, everyone. I will be back with another post soon.)


  1. This was such a fun interview! Though with all the stuff about baking, you guys have made me seriously hungry 😂 And I would love to learn more about Indian festivals through literature! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them mentioned in books, either…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Haha…couldn’t help from asking about baking because I was hungry thinking about waffles and cookies while writing this post too. I can’t think of a book to recommend but there are many authors from India who include Indian culture and Festivals in their books. I’ll get back to you once I have a list that might help you.

      Liked by 1 person

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