Bad at Love by Gabriela Martins Book Review [Blog Tour]

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I’m stopping by to speak about my favorite rom-com I read in July. Writing this review has me wanting to reread it; I might just do that tonight. But before I start this tour, I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

Book Details

TITLE: bad at love

BY: gabriela martins

PUBLISHING: underlined

ON: 30th august 2022

GENRE: ya Contemporary Romance



PAGES: 240 ► AGE:13+

RATING: 4/5 ★

Ever since Daniel moved to L.A. from Brazil to join the band Mischief & Mayhem, he’s become the tabloids’ bad boy. Paparazzi follow him and girls swoon over him . . . except for Sasha, who hates bad boys. When a chance encounter brings them together, Sasha sees an opportunity to get close to Daniel and write a story that will make a name for herself at the celebrity gossip magazine where she interns. But Daniel is surprisingly sweet and extremely cute—could she be falling for him?

The truth is: Daniel is hiding something. When Sasha discovers his secret, will she follow her heart or deliver the hottest story of the summer? 


I received an eARC of this book from Underlined, courtesy of TBR and Beyond Tours in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

REP: DemiSexual brazilian american; pansexual brazilian american; lesbian black sc; Korean american sc

I never imagined I’d read a book after my own heart in a million years. This book was too good to be true, and I never wanted it to end. I missed the chance to be on Gabriela Martin’s booktour last year, but I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake this year.

So all it took me to sign up for this blogtour was the synopsis and the author’s name. I knew I shouldn’t miss out on another GM’s work. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes!!

I was so prepared to read a bad boy MC only to find the sweetest fictional character ever to have been written (after Aled, ofc).

Sasha and Daniel met by chance. He was drawn to her from their first encounter, even with the cameras flashing at the corner and the paparazzi tailing his every move. He had to flee the scene to avoid more negative press.

Sasha knew who she met in the alley but could care less about the tabloids’ favorite bad boy, Daniel ( aka Rotten).
Mischief & Mayhem’s guitarist had a reputation, which she was well aware of thanks to her internship, and she could do without her name splashed on all papers and websites.

When she almost forgets her run-in with Rotten, her manager gives her an ultimatum- to get any gossip-worthy story on Rotten to secure her position in the job; with no way out, she accepts it.

They meet again on a not-date date, with an awkward start. Daniel doesn’t waste time chit-chatting and cuts to the chase by propositioning her to be his girlfriend for the summer. If she needed her first byline, this was her future in her lap. She says yes, thinking only about the result.
Both might have their secrets well-locked, but time would uncover their feelings and truths sooner or later.

Daniel’s character was perfection. His bad boy persona was an image built out of smoke. He was shy and had social anxiety, so his player image was misconstrued. He knitted to battle anxiety and loved watching rom-coms; that’s when I knew I was gone for this character.

She wasn’t the only one to think that Daniel was a player. His bandmates thought the same of him. He never stood up and corrected their misconception, though. Through his POV, we can see how much he wanted to, but his nerves got the better of him.

Sasha and Daniel’s dates was the main highlight of the book. There was always something/someone interrupting their dates, but they made sure there would be another one.

Daniel also opens up to his bandmates eventually. Their friendship might have started on shaky ground, but they become a solid group by the end, earning more admiration from me.

I have no more words to write without giving away the whole story. I highly recommend adding this cute summer romance with heartwarming characters finding themselves in this musical journey of love to your TBR.

If you want to read more about this book, here’s the tour schedule to help you with that.

CW // absentee parents,microaggression


GABRIELA MARTINS is a Brazilian kidlit author and linguist. Her stories feature Brazilian characters finding themselves and love. She was a high school teacher and has also worked as a TED Ed-Club facilitator, where she helped teens develop their own talks in TED format. She edited and self-published a pro-bono LGBTQ+ anthology (KEEP FAITH) with all funds going to queer people in need. When she’s not writing, she can be found cuddling with her two cats, or singing loudly and off-key. LIKE A LOVE SONG was her YA romance debut, and BAD AT LOVE (Underlined/PRH) is her sophomore novel, coming out in summer 2022. She’s also one of the contributors for the Algonquin Latinx Horror anthology OUR SHADOWS HAVE CLAWS.

website | twitter | instagram | goodreads

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Have you read this book or is it on your tbr?

“I’m existing in the world of the music that dictates the rhythm to which I move.”

Gabriela Martins, Bad at Love


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