Knight’s Oath by Juliette Caruso Book Review [Blog Tour]


This is my last blog tour for the year. I wasn’t planning on singing up for this month but this book was floating around on booksta and decided to join the tour on a whim.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re interested to read it, you can check out the link below.

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Book Details

TITLE: Knight’s Oath

BY: Juliette Caruso

PUBLISHer: Independently published

ON: august 11, 2022

GENRE: historical romance

Series: Knights of Enar #1

PACING: slow

PAGES: 489 ► AGE:17+

RATING: 4/5 ★

BUY BOOK: Amazon

When 20-year-old Eliana’s father orders her to court, it is with one purpose: to save their noble, destitute family through marriage to a wealthy suitor. Eliana would much rather be studying healing and making use of her rare magical talent for medicines, but there is no escaping his command. She has eight short weeks to find a match she can stomach, or else she’ll be married off to the cruel, despicable man of her father’s choosing.

Navigating court politics is difficult for nervous Eliana, who is determined to take up as little space as possible. Worst of all, she only has eyes for the Queen’s nephew, Corin: a brooding, rugged knight who is already betrothed to another. Though he returns Eliana’s feelings, he’s as trapped by duty as she is. But even as Corin struggles against his own family’s shackles, he is driven by a singular purpose: to rid the land of the bandits terrorizing the Queen’s people.

As the outlaws circle the capital city, Corin and Eliana turn their focus and their talents towards helping the vulnerable common folk who live outside the palace walls. But the bandits have a patron who aims to spread dissent amongst the crumbling ranks of the nobility. The more lives Corin and Eliana save, the more enemies they are both making… and the closer her father’s deadline draws.

This slow-burn friends-to-lovers explores an exciting new fantasy kingdom with subtle magic, steamy encounters, and danger lurking around every bend.


I received DRC of this book from TBR and Beyond Tours in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I saw a few bookstagrammers promoting this book and got interested in it. This was right after I finished Defend the Dawn and was searching for more Fantasy Romance; it took me two long days to finish it, thanks to the slow burn, but I was fully absorbed in this medieval story.

Eliana is sent to court to find a noble suitor ASAP to save her father’s dwindling assets. She’s given one and a half months to pick a husband or her father would do the job for her once the time is up.

Her friend, Rachiele, helps her to navigate the courtly life and introduces her to the ton. She meets Corin through her. Their first meeting was awkward, to put it politely. They crush hard from there but are tongue-tied around each other. Both think the other hates them and hesitate to make the first step. Since it’s a slow burn, I can say they kept second-guessing each other’s feelings for a very long time.

Searching for a husband is the last thing on Eliana’s mind. She’d rather be using her Touch to cure the sick or patch up the injured. Those bandits raiding the villages kept the knights busy running behind them, leaving many casualties in their wake. This gives Eliana a chance to put her healer abilities to use, also to spend more time with Corin. Despite their awkwardness and mutual attraction, they help each other and form a slow friendship.

Their romance doesn’t develop until we are halfway through the book. This is a slow burn, alright, but it gets angsty from there. There are bandits to catch and a suitor to find. Eliana and Corin should brave the storms coming their way and come out in one piece.

The writing in this book was great; it went to lengths to set the atmosphere for us. It was elaborated and easy to grasp. There’s a little hint of magic in it but we don’t see it explored more. In the first quarter, the novel felt like a contemporary story set in a historical background but, as the book went on, I could see this story was a window for how things would have happened back then.

The politics of marriage, power, and money in a medieval scenario was intricately portrayed in the book. When it came to choose love or money (=family duty), Eliana was posed with tough choices to make. Which ever she took, she had to lose one or the other. This was the ultimate dilemma carried into the second half of the book, driving the readers and half the characters mad with indecision.

This book was similar to how Anthony and Kate got little time to stay as a couple in Bridgerton 2. With how things ended in this book, we might read more about them as a couple in book 2. I’ve added it to my tbr right after finishing this and want more of these characters.

Highly recommend this novel if you like angsty courtship and slow burn historical romance.


Juliette Caruso is a lifelong daydreamer and fantasy lover. She has a B.F.A. in creative writing and tends to overthink everything. Her hobbies include cooking, drawing, hiking, and buying books that she won’t get around to reading. She lives in a townhome with her husband, one dog, two sugar gliders, and a scraggly garden.

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