My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2022

Hey Guys!!
I’m two weeks late to write this post. I left out my most anticipated releases of 2022 deliberately from my 2021 wrap-up so I could post them this year. With many new releases coming out this year, I know my TBR and wishlist are going to explode. I wouldn’t be able to read all of them, but I’d consider it a win even if I read at least ten books on this list.

Let me know what are your most anticipated releases of 2022 in the comments. Now for the most anticipated releases, I have 32 in total so let’s have a quick look at them.

New Releases

Echoes and Empires

by Morgan Rhodes 

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Full Flight

by Ashley Schumacher 

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A Far Wilder Magic

by Allison Saft

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Echoes and Empires is the first book in the duology on forbidden magic and making deals with a criminal. It’s going to be my first book by this author and I’m here to see how the forbidden magic trope is explored in the novel.

➼ After reading Ashley Schumacher’s debut novel Amelia Unabridged, I knew I would be looking out for her works. Full Flight sounds sad and angsty and hoping that it leaves me with another story to hold on to.

➼ Pitched as a Fantasy-Romance with an atmospheric world and deadly hunt, I’m excited to read A Far Wilder Magic which comes out this March.


by V.E. Schwab

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A Magic Steeped in Poison

by Judy I. Lin 

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An Arrow to the Moon

by Emily X.R. Pan

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➼ I’ve read only Adult Fantasy novels by V E Schwab so far. Gallant will be her first YA novel I’ll be reading this year. If this goes well, I’m also planning to read her Monster of Verity series.

➼ The synopsis of A Magic Steeped in Poison gave me major Spin the Dawn x Daughter of the Moon Goddess vibes. I’m here for the ancient and magical art of tea-making.

➼ I seem to like everything but the original Romeo and Juliet. Described as Romeo and Juliet meets Chinese mythologyAn Arrow to the Moon has my undivided attention. My only wish is that it shouldn’t leave me heartbroken as These Violent Delights duology did.

Once Upon a K-Prom

by Kat Cho 

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She Gets the Girl

by Rachael Lippincott, Alyson Derrick

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Kamila Knows Best

 by Farah Heron

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➼ Though XOXO by Axie Oh was a letdown in the last year, I’m willing to give this K-pop based friends-to-lovers book a chance.

➼ I couldn’t read many sapphic or queer romances or fiction last year. I’m hoping to change in 2022. Any romantic comedy combined with my favorite tropes will be top-tier, so I can’t wait to dive into She Gets the Girl.

➼ After reading Tahira in Bloom, I’m keeping my eyes wide open for anything Farah Heron writes. I need to get to her backlist novels but Kamila Knows Best is also on my TBR and is one of my anticipated releases this year.

Sofi and the Bone Song

by Adrienne Tooley

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The Stardust Thief

by Chelsea Abdullah 

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Juniper & Thorn

by Ava Reid

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➼ A forbidden magic with a unique premise has me counting the days to Sofi and the Bone Song’s release. I have my eyes set on Sweet Bitter Magic by the same author as well and would like to read both these books this year.

The Stardust Theif sounds very similar to We Hunt the Flame, which I enjoyed thoroughly last year. I’m so ready for dangerous quests, forbidden magic, and more adevntures.

Juniper & Thorn is said to a gothic horror with a wizard, monster, and witch. I might pick it up before Halloween this year.

Right Where I Left You

by Julian Winters

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Love, Decoded

by Jennifer Yen

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See You Yesterday

by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

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Right Where I Left You sounds like another promising teen romance with the best friends-to-lovers trope. 

➼ Love, Decoded sounds like a fun-filled YA book. I’m curious to know what kind of scandal did the main character’s friend matching app cause in the school. So I’ll be looking out for this book in March.

➼ I might be reading Today Tonight Tomorrow and See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon this year. Reading about two enemies stuck in a time loop, as the See You Yesterday synopsis says, does sound enjoyable.

Vinyl Moon

by Mahogany L. Browne

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Blood Scion

by Deborah Falaye 

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A Thousand Steps into Night

by Traci Chee

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Viny Moon sounds like a poignant coming-of-age YA novel that I might be reading this year.

Blood Scion seems to have a solid setup. I am excited for this debut novel.

➼ Did you the synopsis just say A Thousand Steps into Night is a Japanese-influenced fantasy brimming with demons, adventure, and plans gone awry? Count me in.

Violet Made of Thorns

by Gina Chen

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Long Live the Pumpkin Queen

 by Shea Ernshaw

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by R.F. Kuang

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➼ Having heard from a few readers that Violet Made of Thorns has a very good enemies-to-lovers tope in it, I immediately added it to my TBR. I need this book ASAP!

➼The premise of Long Live the Pumpkin Queen sounds like a Disney movie. No wonder Disney press is publishing this book. Very excited to read Shea Ernshaw’s new novel.

➼ I’m gonna be reading R. F Kuang’s works this year- The Poppy War trilogy and Babel. I might be reading more Dark Academia books this year too, so I’m quite intrigued to see how translation will be employed as a tool in Babel.


by Adalyn Grace

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Monsters Born and Made

by Tanvi Berwah

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Book of Night

by Holly Black

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➼ There are several new authors I’m reading this year and Adalyn Grace’s Belladonna will be my first intro to her works.

➼ Books with sea setup have been great so far. Monsters Born and Made, a debut South-Asian Fantasy by an Indian Author, is definitely going to be on my TBR.

➼ Holly Black had me at a modern dark fantasy of shadowy thieves and secret societies. Looking forward to reading this new fantasy from Holly Black.


➼The Dragon’s Promise (Six Crimson Cranes #2) by Elizabeth Lim
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➼ Bloodmarked (Legendborn #2) by Tracy Deonn
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➼ The Merciless Ones (Deathless #2) by Namina Forna
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➼ Blood Like Fate (Blood Like Magic #2) by Liselle Sambury
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➼ The Jade Setter of Janloon (The Green Bone Saga #0.5) by Fonda Lee
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➼ Temple of No God (Hall of Smoke #2) by H.M. Long
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➼ The Empress of Time (The Keeper of Night #2) by Kylie Lee Baker
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➼These Twisted Bonds (These Hollow Vows #2) by Lexi Ryan
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Do you have any books here on your TBR? or Which new book would you like to read ASAP?


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