15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

Hey guys!!

I haven’t blogged for a week and a half. It feels weird to go without posting, but I was busy running around last week, so here I am with a new post.

In today’s post, I’m putting down 15 things that only bibliophiles can relate to. Hope you enjoy reading this post, and let me know if there are things you want to add more to this list.

Waiting for the sequel is slow and torturesome

15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

The longest I’ve waited for a book release was 2 years. It’s torturous to wait for new books from my favorite author or the sequel, especially if it ends with a cliffhanger.

Spoilers for any books are not welcome

Spoilers for backlist/old/new books are not most welcome. Anyone on the internet can’t go without coming across them. I do not want the fun to be spoiled by a random thread on Twitter or Pinterest pins. I try my best to avoid them. It would be better if readers didn’t post them online. There were cases where I’ve been spoiled by accidentally reading comments or looking up the Fandom Wiki page for The Poppy War, The Young Elites, and other books that I don’t remember at the moment. It killed the major plot twist of the book.

Moods dictate our reading taste

15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

Accept it or not, moods control what we read most of the time. As much as I make up my mind each month to stick to TBRs, ultimately it’s what I want to read that precedes what I need to be reading. It might be one of my most anticipated Fantasy or Contemporary but if my mind isn’t up for it, I don’t feel like reading it. Pushing myself also never helps because reading then feels like a chore.

Book Hangover

There must be books that you can’t move on from. Those books have so much impact on us that we deny and refuse to start another story. For me, it’s The Green Bone Saga, These Violent Delights duology, Six of Crows, The Heart Principle, to name a few, that gave me a terrible book hangover. 

Want to share the joy and misery together

It’s interesting how books unite people to share what they enjoyed and their pain and misery to the same extent in the reading community. I’ve laughed and thoroughly enjoyed reading books recommended by other readers. I’ve also had my heartbroken on a New Years’ eve over a book, no thanks to Jade Legacy. In my opinion, that’s something I like about this community. You have a space to interact and share your emotions together.

Do Not Disturb, I’m reading!!

15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

I don’t mind being disturbed, but when I’m almost finishing the book and am this close to the last chapter, I don’t want anyone to break the flow of the story.

Wishing badly for the next book to be good as the last one

It’s not too much to hope for the next read to be as mindblowing and brilliant as the last one. Reading consecutively good books gives a serotonin boost that can motivate us to read more and keeps us from falling into reading slumps.

The urge to recommend books to strangers is real

We must have waited for someone to ask for book recs, or there must have been a time when you must have recommended books to a complete stranger. I haven’t done the latter yet, but I really enjoy recommending books to my friends and cousins.

Adding more books on TBR and wishlist

I have mentioned this before, but adding books to TBR should be a hobby in itself. Even if there are many books on the shelf collecting dust, we bibliophiles can never go without adding one more book to our ever-growing TBRs.

want to Be Friends with characters

15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

Some characters have left me reeling with their decisions for which I want to either hit them or hug them. But mostly, I wish they were my friends so I could have a face-to-face chat with them.

Some stories and characters live in your head rent-free

You may have read a book years ago, but there must be stories or characters that have lived in your head for long. At times, I feel like I remember the characters as if I read them yesterday, but there are also days where I forget what I read in the last week.

Building expectations is our trope

15 Things Only Bibliophiles Can Relate To

This must be the most common trait we all share. After being let down by books, I’ve stopped keeping my bar high, especially for popular books. But it’s inevitable to have expectations.

Reading Slumps

Every reader must have gone through a reading slump at least once in a while. We are humans and we all have a threshold. It’s completely alright if you’re not feeling like reading anything, so don’t be harsh on yourself. As much as it’s easy to fall into a reading slump, it takes time and effort to get out of them. I try to take baby steps like reading a short story or graphic novel or listening to audiobooks also helps.

The Day feels Amiss without reading

I feel like my day is incomplete without reading. Reading here doesn’t have to be fiction or non-fiction but just reading anything for, say, 2 minutes. It has become an essential part of my life that I can’t go without.

Trying to relate events or people to books

You can’t deny that there must have been a time when some characters/places/names/objects took us back to a story or vice versa. This feels nerdy, but it’s amusing (sometimes it’s not) to connect fiction and reality.

Let’s Talk:

What are some things that you think bibliophiles can relate to?


  1. You know what I was reading THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON
    And I read about a character and ar that very night I got the face of that villain character in my dreams
    So yeah getting book characters in your dreams is also kinda a bibliophiles thing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yesss literally ALL of these points are so relatable, you did not have to call me out like that lol. and I had a MAJOR hangover after these violent delights and six of crows too!! love the post isha!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE POINTS IS SO RELATABLE AHHH, especially the last one, I FEEL SO GLAD TO NOT BE ALONE IN THAT lol. And book characters are so much better than real life people, BEFRIENDING THEM IS LIKE MY GREATEST DREAM 😭😭 I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH and your blog theme + layout is STUNNING AND I AM IN LOVE WITH IT 😍😍❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh heck, I relate to a lot of these! Especially waiting for a sequel… I think the longest has definitely been two years, but there are some who just… disappear and never continue, and I can’t tell if that’s more torturous or not. 😭

    I’ve definitely had the urge to recommend books to strangers before, and might have by accident at work at some point, though I always walk away feeling just a little more awkward (maybe one day, though).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah. I haven’t come across a author who doesn’t continue the series but it’d be too bad if the prequel was great and the series had a great potential to not have a sequel.
      Haha. I can relate to that feeling.


  5. ahhh these are all so so relatable!!! And the sequel one- SO SO TRUE!! The pain of waiting for the next book of a series is so intense, how are we bookworms even alive at this point?!😂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sharing joy and misery together — YES. Sometimes, I find people who have read the book before and just text them all my opinions and we talk. I’m doing it now with Ace and our tiny group discussions are SO interesting.

    And heck yes to wanting to rec books to strangers, I’ve wanted to rec to so many people in bookstores and sometimes on the metro haha. I mustered up the courage only once to rec in the bookstore but I hope to do it more often.

    Love this post, Isha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m still getting used to being on social media but interacting with readers has made it more fun and tolerable. I don’t know how could I have survived without having anyone to speak about these books.
      Haha…so true. This urge is growing more for me these days. I feel like going up and speaking to someone reading a book on the bus or recommend one if they’re searching for a book in bookstores. It’s great that you’ve actually done that.

      So happy to hear that you loved this post, Sumedha!🧡🤗


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